Digital life certificate And What is Digital Jeevan Pramaan Pension Scheme

What is Digital Jeevan Pramaan Pension Yojana.  what is jeevan pramaan certificate. Digital life certificate, Digital india|  Benefits of Digital life certificate. 

"Digital life certificate" - This service is a biometric enabled digital service for pensionable person. Pensioners of the Central Government, State Government or any other government organization can take advantage of this facility.

Crore families in India can be classified as pensioner families, where pensions distributed by various government bodies form the basis of their income and stability.

There are about fifty lakh pensioners from the central government and the same number of pensioners from different state and union territories and various other government agencies. This includes pensioners (persons in receipt of pension) of various public sector enterprises. Apart from this there are more than twenty five lakh persons drawing pension from Army and Defense personnel.

One of the major requirements for a pensioner is that after his retirement from service, he has to provide his life certificate to the authorized pension disbursing agencies like banks, post offices etc., after which his pension starts getting credited in his account. To obtain this life certificate one needs to appear personally before the pension disbursing agency or where they have previously served life certificate is issued by the authority and sent to the disbursing agency. is delivered.

This process of personally appearing in front of the disbursing agency or obtaining a life certificate becomes a major hurdle in getting the pension. It is noted that this causes a lot of hardship and unnecessary inconvenience especially to the old and infirm pensioner who is not always in a position to present himself before the special authority to secure his life certificate. can be. Also a lot of government employees choose to move to a different location after their retirement with their family or for other reasons, so when it comes to accessing their correct pension amount, it becomes a big tough, winding issue. goes.

The Government of India has simplified this tedious process to obtain a life certificate, to solve this problem by digitizing the entire process of obtaining a life certificate. It aims to streamline the process of obtaining this certificate and make it hassle free and very easy for the pensioner.

Digital life certificate And What is Digital Jeevan Pramaan Pension Scheme

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How Digital Life Certificate Scheme works

To generate Jeevan Pramaan, Aadhaar platform is used for biometric authentication of the pension recipient. On successful authentication, a digital life certificate is generated which is stored in the life certificate repository. Pension disbursing agencies can access the certificate on-line.

Procedure to get Digital Life Certificate

First round: Download Application

For this you have to download Life Certificate Generation application in your mobile phone or PC / computer.

Now provide the information asked in the application like Aadhar number, pension payment order, bank account, bank name and your mobile number.

If you do not have any mobile or computer facility then alternatively you can also visit nearest Jeevan Pramaan Kendra to register yourself.

Second stage: Aadhaar Authentication

In this step you have to authenticate yourself with your Biometrics or Fingerprint or Iris through Aadhaar Authentication.

Third stage: Life Certificate

After a successful authentication an SMS acknowledgment is sent to your mobile number along with your Jeevan Pramaan ID.

These certificates are stored in the Jeevan Prathaan Bhandar to be made available to the pensioner and the pension disbursing agency at any point of time.

Fourth stage: Access your Certificate

You can download the PDF copy of your certificate from Jeevan Pramaan website with Jeevan Pramaan ID.

The pension disbursing agency can access the life certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website, and can also download it.

How to download software or mobile application For Digital Life Certificate

You can download Jeevan Pramaan Windows and Android client software by visiting the website. This client software will help to register for a Life Certificate, and it will use the Aadhaar Biometric Authentication Platform for authentication.

To start the download, you have to submit your e-mail in the form given on the website. The download link is made available after you have submitted your e-mail address.


Client software requires a biometric fingerprint / iris scanner device for authentication.  If you need any kind of help then you can contact at

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