How to protect your Facebook account from getting hacked

Hello friends! Today I will teach you to access your Facebook account on your friend or someone close to you in an emergency like missing, getting hurt, or by the same person asking them to sign their account in their place.  

Apart from this, I will also teach you to set up Trusted contacts and use Trusted Contacts (if you lock your account) and keep your own password secure.  

For this, we can use 2 methods, so let's know.

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How to protect your Facebook account from getting hacked

Method 01: Accessing Someone Else's Facebook Account

Step 1. Open in your browser.

Friends, let me tell you that it is not possible to legally crack someone's Facebook password, but if you can access someone's email address or their text message, then you can access it on their account.  

If that person has added you as a trusted contact (you know how to contact them), then this method allows you to access their account.

Let me also tell you that this method can also be used at a time when you are a close friend or relative of a person who has gone missing, is in trouble, or has for some reason told you  Have asked to use an account.

If you are signed in on your own account, then by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the page and selecting Log Out, sign out of your account now.

Step 2. Click on Forgot Account
Friends, it is located under the password box in the top-right corner of the sign-in page.

Step 3. Enter the user's email address or phone number and then click on Search 
Let me tell you that according to the account settings, Facebook will either automatically send a 6-digit code to the email address or phone number you have entered or show you the list of accounts.

If you do not have access to the email address or phone number you entered, Didn't get a code?  Click on and go to the next step.

Step 4. Select the account on which you have access and click this Is My Account

Now Facebook sends a 6-digit code to your selected address.  
If you can access that email address or text mailbox, enter the code in the next screen to reset the password and sign in to the account.

If you cannot access any account in the list, then you will have to go to the next step.

Step 5. Click no longer have access to these

 It will be given below options.

facebook Click no longer have access to these

Step 6. Now you can access here, enter that email or phone number and click Continue

If you are not able to reset the password successfully, then a reset link will be sent to the email address or phone number you entered here.

Step 7. Ask trusted contacts for help

If you do not see the option of revealing Trusted Contacts, then skip to the next step.

Let me tell you that Facebook prompts its users to assign trusted contacts to their accounts to use in case they are ever locked.  

If the user has trusted contacts (and you know at least one of them), you will see a list of their trusted contacts and must have those contacts to generate a recovery code. Look ahead how we will do it:

Step 8. Click On Reveal My Trusted Contacts.

Now type the name of one of the contacts here and click Confirm.  
A list of trusted contacts will appear along with the URL.

Call, text, or message each Trusted Contact and ask them to go to and sign in. This will generate the code, which will give you that contact.

Once these codes are found, enter the codes generated by the trusted contacts and click Continue.

Method 2. Accessing Someone Else's Facebook Account

Friends, if you have failed to access the account through the previous steps, then you can get a message saying that without accessing the email or phone number associated with the account, you will not be able to log in.  

If you have been given any other option, such as the option of answering security questions or identifying some specific friends of a given user, then follow the instructions to access the account.

If you still fail to access the account, then you can then search for the document in the person's computer in which they store their passwords.  

If they had prepared such a document, it might have been named "Passwords" or "Logins".

If you are trying to access an account of a missing person or a legally trapped person, then contact your local authorities.  

If law enforcement has a proper warrant, then they can access anyone's Facebook account.

How to set up trusted contacts

Step 1. Sign in to your web browser at

Friends, let me tell you that adding 3-5 friends to your Trusted Contact List can be helpful in Recovering your Account when you accidentally get locked out of your account.  

If you are not able to sign in, then any one of your trusted contacts can generate a recovery code for you, which you can use to reset your password and get back online.

Step 2. Click On menu
Manu is present in the blue bar, in the top-right corner of Facebook.

Step 3. Click on settings
Settings are at the bottom of the menu.

Step 4. Click on Security and Login
It is present at the top of the left column.

Step 5. Click Edit next to Choose friends to contact if you get locked out "
It should be below the "Recommended" header at the top of the page. 
If you don't see it there, scroll down to find it inside the "Setting Up Extra Security" section.  
It will be found here.

Step 6. Click on choose friends
A pop-up window containing details of the trusted contacts will appear in front of you.

Step 7. Click Choose Trusted Contacts.

Friends, enter the name of the Facebook friend you trust.  To do this, start by typing in the name of your friend.  

When you type, a list of friends will appear while you match. Now as soon as the correct name of your friend comes in front of you, click to add them to the list.

Add at least 2 more contacts.  You can add up to 5 contacts in total.

Step 8. Click On Confirm

In such a situation, the selected friend will now be added to your trusted contacts list.  

If you want, you can edit the list anytime by clicking on Edit.

Step 9. Return to your account

Friends, follow these steps if your account was locked and you have to take help of Trusted Contact.

Friends in Facebook login page Forgot account?  Click on, then follow the on-screen instructions to search your account name, entering an email address or phone number.

Friends, if you are not getting access to any of the listed accounts, then 'No longer have access to these? Click.

Enter the new email address on the email or phone you have access to, and click Continue.

Friends, click Reveal My Trusted Contacts and type in the name of a person you have added.  This will display all your trusted contacts.

Email or text the link to all your trusted contacts and ask them to open it.  

Once they log in to their accounts, then they will be asked to send a code to let them login back to your account.

Enter the codes of each contact and click Continue. This will take you back to your account.

How to Protecting Your Facebook Password

Step 1. 2-Enable factor authentication

Friends, let me tell you that this feature fails almost every attempt to access your account without permission.  

Whenever trying to access from an unknown device, a code will be sent by Facebook to log in to your mobile number.  Without this code, the intruder (any other person) will not be able to access your Facebook account.

  •  Login to your Facebook account.
  •  Click on the menu and select Settings.
  •  Select Security and Login.
  •  Click Edit next to "Use two-factor authentication".
  •  Select an authentication method and follow the on-screen instruction.

Step 2. Use a unique password

Friends, avoid using names, birthdates, home addresses, or real words in your password, as they can be guessed very easily.  

Friends, your password should be a combination of words and letters in random order.  

The longer and random your password, the more difficult it is to crack.  And the more secure your account will be.

Step 3. Use a different password for each online account

Friends, most people use the same password or the same type of password everywhere.  

But if you use the same password for your email, online banking, and Facebook account, 

then it becomes easy for people to hack all your information by knowing your password in one go.  Create different and unique passwords in all these online accounts.

Step 4. Don't forget to logout from Facebook

Friends, if you are using someone else's computer, phone, or tablet, then it will be especially important to do it. 

You should remember to log out even if other people have access to your computer.

Step 5. Use a firewall or antimalware protection

Friends, confirm that your antivirus and antimalware is up-to-date and only sign in with a secure firewall.  

As long as your computer is protected with these features, you will be alerted whenever a hacker tries to capture your password by installing keylogging software. And you can survive.

Warnings related to this article

According to the law, employers have to tell their employer that their keystrokes are being recorded. Accessing another person's Facebook account, without his / her permission, is a violation of personal privacy and is also illegal. Before hacking anyone's account, do think about it. (alert-warning)

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