Miss India Movie Review: Download Full Movie Leaked By Piracy Sites

Miss India Movie Review: Download Full Movie Leaked By Piracy Sites

Miss India Movie
: Narendra Nath's Netflix outing, Miss India (in Telugu) is known as Miss Kirti Suresh.Writer / director Nath and Camara are falling in love with their onscreen personalities.

There is hardly a frame without her, and the camera continues to follow her to focus on her shoes, pressing her arms before studying them as she walks from one office to another, across the many corridors and into her life.

Keeps going through many ups and downs.

At other times, cameras aimlessly drive over the San Francisco skyline or streams hitting the city.

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  • Film: Miss India
  • Director: Narendra Nath
  • Cast: Kirti Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, V.K.Naresh, Rajendra Prasad, Nadia

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving a very good piece of cinema is poor scripting, poor narrative style and in the end the dogging of letting an editor do his job.

With the result, a film becomes so cluttered that the core plot is compromised.

It is not that there is nothing novel in Miss India - a title that seems like a promotion of India.

Remember the movies starring Manoj Kumar, when he was named Mr. Bharat!

Miss India Movie Download Leaked HD:

Suresh's Mansa Samyaktva grows up in a middle-class house in Andhra Pradesh with a grandfather who believes that tea has great medicinal properties, a hardworking father, a mother who believes that every girl in life aims to marry.

Will, the children and the household drown in bliss.His brother fell in love with male chauvinism.

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But Samyukta dreams big and when the brother gets a job in San Francisco, the whole family moves in with him.

There must have been some guardian angel on US immigration who allowed the whole family to migrate together!

In her new home, Samyukta gets a job, but wants to do business - which her mother and brother strongly opposed.

But she is determined to start a venture, and grew up on tea, she believes it would be a great idea to introduce "Chai" into mostly coffee vase, and she sets about doing so.

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Suresh who gave us a stunning performance as South Indian actress Savitri in the 2018 Maha Aarti is disappointing us.

He seemed bland in the penguin at Amazon Prime. And in Miss India, she appears like a snow maiden, completely failing to cope with the rage on her way that eventually puts her on the cover of Fortune.

Also, what I found very sad is the way the author has highlighted a serious condition like Alzheimer's - which affects Samyakta's father.

The film is lengthening in 136 minutes, and the plot can be dismissed in about 90 minutes!

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

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