How to fill MP Post Matric Scholarship Application Form from mobile?

How to fill Mp scholarship application form 2020-21?  If you are searching on the Internet with a similar question, then you have reached the right place. Here we will show you how you can fill Mp Post Matric Scholarship Form.

So let's learn how to fill the post-matric mp scholarship application form.

How to fill Mp scholarship application form 2020-21?  If you are searching on the Internet with a similar question, then you have reached the right place. Here we will show you how you can fill Mp Post Matric Scholarship Form.

Prerequisites before filling Madhya Pradesh Post Matric Scholarship Application Form

1. Registration should be done in the Mp scholarship portal. By which you have got the login id and password.

 If you are not registered, read it.

2. Presently you must have a good smartphone or computer or laptop so that there is no problem in filling the form.

3. If you have a phone or computer and there is also registered in the scholarship portal then your phone or computer should have the best image resizer. With which you can create great photos.

If the size of the photo is not reduced on the mobile phone, then read it.

4. The fourth requirement is that you should make the Browser of a mobile phone do it in desktop mode.

If you do not make the browser of mobile phone on desktop, then read it.

If you have fulfilled these four requirements then only read that post further. Next, we are going to tell you how to fill the Madhya Pradesh Post Matric Scholarship Application Form from mobile or computer.

How to fill MP Post matric scholarship application form

For this, you have to read the following steps carefully. And we promise you will be able to do the whole process easier. You just need to be patient.

Step 1. Go To Official Website: 

First of all, one has to visit the official website of the Madhya Pradesh Post Matric Scholarship. Direct link of Madhya Pradesh Post Matric Scholarship -
See below screenshot of the home page of the official website of mp post-matric scholarship.

Step. 2 Student Login : 

In this step, you have a student corner given on the official website which has a student login option. 

Login here. Here you have to log in by typing the captcha code given by filling in your id and password. See the screenshot below.

Step. 3 Mobile Number Confirmation

After pressing the login button, a window starts to appear.  In this stage, the student has to check his / her current mobile number.  If the mobile is not on or there is an incorrect feed, it can be changed.

Two options are given here. If the students want to change the mobile number, then clicking the red button can change the mobile number.
And if you do not want to change the mobile number, you can proceed by clicking on Green Button.
Note: The mobile number must be in position as OTP will be sent while locking the application.

Step 4. Select Scholarship 

In this stage, the student has the interest to choose a scholarship scheme according to his / her ability.  We are telling about the post-matric scholarship form and this option is given at the top.

Step. 5 Apply Online/ View Application

In this phase, 8 to 12 parts are given. In these, you have to work. After filling all these options, you get a print of the mp post-matric scholarship application form. 

So let's know what to fill in these and how.

1. Home 

Here you see the information filled in the registration form. In which the student's name, father's name, date of birth, gender, category, Religion, Mobile Number, E-mail id, Aadhar Number, Samagra Id Details, 10th mark sheet details, are. This option does not require any work to be done.

2. Upload Photo

In this option, students can upload passport size photos of themselves. The maximum size of this photo should be 100kb, the photo will not be uploaded. And in this post above we have told how to reduce the size of the photo. And this photo should not be more than 90 days old. 

3. Changes In Aadhar 

This option is given to change the Aadhar card details. This option is generally not required. But this option is useful in case the Aadhaar number is filled incorrectly. In this, the student has to fill in their Aadhaar number twice exactly. After this, 2 options have been given for Aadhaar verification. 

1. Through OTP 

2. Through Biometric.

1. Via OTP: Thus, to verify the Aadhaar number, an OTP is sent to the link mobile number in the Aadhaar card. The Aadhar card gets varified by filling it correctly in the window that appears here.

2. Via Biometric : To varify Aadhaar card through this option there should be a fingerprint scanner device. The basis then becomes varify through biomatric.  See screenshot.

Note: This process of Aadhaar verification has to be done only once. Aadhar verification does not have to be repeated even after changing course.


 4. Update Samagra Id 

This option is given to change the overall ID. This option proves useful if the wrong Composite ID is filled at the time of registration. And even if the information of the Composite ID was incomplete in the previous registration, it can be improved from here.

Complete information about the student's overall ID is displayed on this page. So that students can check their information. See screenshot.

5. Update Voter ID

In this section, students can fill their voter ID card information. But this is not necessary. If the students want, they can leave it.

If the students want to fill this part also, then write the Voter ID in the box provided for Voter ID, you have to click the blue color button below in the update voter details. After this, the information of the voter's ID of the student starts appearing here in a few seconds.

6. Edit Personal Details

In this section, students can edit their personal details. In which student can improve student name, father's name, date of birth, gender, category, Religion, Mobile Number, E-mail id, Aadhar Number, Samagra Id Details, 10th mark sheet details, address details.

 But this section is visible only for new students who have not yet locked the Scholarship application form.

7. Upload Caste certificate

In this section, the student has to upload his caste certificate information and scan a copy. Image size should not exceed 100kb. Ways to resize photos are described above. It is also easily done from mobile.

Some information has to be filled in before uploading the photo of the caste certificates such as the district, tehsil, who issued the certificate, and some other information given in the certificate. 

The book number is not given in some certificates.  So you can fill the schedule number in its place.  But for this, the student should once talk to the Nodal Officer of his college (or where he submits the scholarship form).

8. Upload Digital Caste Certificate

In this section, the student starts seeing the registration number of his Caste Certificate and the date of issuing the certificate, and after clicking on the search button, digital information of the caste certificate starts appearing.

9. Upload High School Details

In this section, the 10th information of the student is shown on filling the 10th board, exam year, and roll number. By clicking on Choose File, one has to upload a 10th class mark sheet whose maximum size can be 100kb.

 The information has to be registered by clicking on the GREEN button below.  

10. Upload Income Certificate/Fees Receipt/Last Marksheet

In this section, the student has to upload 3 document photos. 

1. Income certificate ( valid) [ Must not exceed 100 kb.]

2. Fees Receipt [ Must not exceed 100 kb. ]

3. Last Year Marksheet [ Must not exceed 100 kb. ]

Select all three photos one by one by clicking on Choose File. After that, the files have to be uploaded by clicking on the Upload button below.

After uploading, the option of View appears below all the files. In which you can see the file photo by clicking whether the file has been uploaded correctly. In case of not uploading correctly, all file photos should be uploaded again.

11. Edit Bank Account Details

In this section, students fill their bank information. It is in this account that a scholarship is obtained.  Therefore special care should be taken while typing the account number and ifsc code.

There are mainly two buttons in this section.  In the first, the bank's IFSC has to be filled and clicked in the Show bank details button, which shows the name of the bank and the name of the branch.

 In the second box, the account number has to be filled twice, and below that the option is to tell whether the Aadhaar card is linked to the bank or not.  Now you can save the complete information by clicking on the green button at the bottom of Save My Bank Details.

12. Register Application/ Renew Application

This section asks for information about your course, college, income, and exam results.

1. First of all, one has to select Academic Year and Scheme.  Academic Year means for which year do you want to fill the form.  

The scheme shows the same scheme that the student has selected in Step 4. We have selected MP POST MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME.

 2. The other main information here is that the student has to fill in his college code and course code.  Usually, many students face problems in finding it.

 If you also do not know your course code and college code, then go to the link given below and read.

>>>>> How to find Mp Post Matric Scholarship Course Code?

>>>>> How to find Mp Post Matric Scholarship College Code?

3. In this form, the third main information related to income certificate is sought which students can easily fill by looking at the certificate.

After filling in the complete information sought in the form, click on the check form below validation.

If all the information is completely correct then the red button of the Register My scholarship application is shown. On clicking this button, the information filled in a new window is seen.  And two buttons are given below.

 If all the information is correct then I want to register, click on my application/scholarship button.

13. Application Dashboard

In this section, a draft of the application filed by the student is shown.  Which to lock.  Only after locking, the information will be sent to the concerned college/university.

 To lock the post-matric scholarship application, click on the Lock button.  After this, an 8 digit PIN is sent to your mobile number. By filling this, students can lock their application.

 But remember, once the application is locked, you cannot make any changes to it.

Step 6. Print Application

Print out scholarship applications can be done through this step. Its student has to go to the 13th part Application Dashboard. To print applications there, Print Button is given in red color.

Captcha is shown when clicked in the Print button.  After filling it and clicking in print, the application PDF is downloaded.

If you are still facing any problem in filling the MP Post Matric Scholarship Application Form, then download the PDF given below, I assure you that you will be able to fill the form easily.

Download PDF

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