What is Control Panel? explain

A control panel is a group of many programs. Which is used for hardware, font settings, system and security settings, network and internet settings, user account settings.

This is an option in which all the methods of controlling the software or system are present. With the help of the control panel function, you can change the setting and the window.

Control Panel क्या है समझाइये ?

Functions Of Control Panel

The control panel has many functions. But only less of these functions are used, then know about them:
  • Device Manager

Device manager is used to interconnect computer's internal hardware and software. Like if you put a mouse in your computer, it is hardware.
The functionality it will have on your window will be with the help of a software. Device manager does the work of connecting these two.
  • Devices And Printer

Like Device Manager, it also connects hardware and software. The computer's internal hardware can be connected to the software in Device Manager.
Similarly, you can see the external hardware like external mouse, external keyboard, printer, scanner, etc. while connecting to see if there is any problem in its settings.  And from here you can do it right.
  • File Explorer Option

With its help, you can do the setting of all the folders on your computer. Like you want to open the folder with double click or by single click or you want to open the folder in a new window or in the same window.

If you want to hide a folder or show it back, you can do it with the help of this option.  With the help of this option, you can also set files on your computer. If you want to change the extension of a file, you can change its extension.
  • Display

In this, you can reduce the size of your computer's display, rotate it. You can also view the display by zooming with the help of magnifying. You can find more settings of the display on the home screen of the computer.

  • Fonts

If you do photo editing in your computer or use text for designing. Then you should know about the font.

You can see all the fonts in your computer. If you want to install new fonts in your computer then you can do this option.  And you can also delete it back.
  • Keyboard

Whatever character we write, we can reduce or increase the speed of their repeat. There is no need to make much changes in the keyboard.

  • Mouse

A mouse is the most essential device of a computer. Without this, we cannot do any computer work. In the mouse you get the option of button configuration.

With which you can change the buttons of your mouse.  Meaning that the work which is left click right click.  And the work that right clicks, left click.  So for this you have to click on Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons.

  • Internet Option

If you need internet in your computer, then you must know about this option.  In Internet Option, General Tab Option is for Internet Explorer.  You can do this setting in General Setting.

  • Language

In this setting, we can add many types of language in the computer.  For whatever language you want to see in your computer, for this, you have to select your language by clicking on Add A Language.  And you can add that language.

  • Troubleshooting

With this help, we can correct the error coming in the window.  Like some of your software is on the old version that used to work on the old version of the window but if you have installed a new window and that software is not working on it, then you can run that software in your window with the help of troubleshooting  is.

  • System

The configuration of the computer can be detected with this option. You will know from this option as to which window is installed in your computer and how many GB of RAM is there in your computer, and which processor is it, how much is the speed of the processor.

  • Sound

Whatever option the computer has in the audio is done with the help of this option.  Audio is recorded in the computer with the help of Mike, so whatever setting you need to do is with this option.

  • Programs And Features

All the software installed in the computer are visible in the programs and feature options.  And with this option, you can easily find out the size and version of those software.  And you can also delete the software from the computer that you do not use.

  • Personalization

With this option you can change the theme, wallpaper of the computer.  In this, you can change the design of your computer, and install a new theme in your computer.  And from here you can also change the color of your computer.

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