Uses Of Internet, Importance, Benefits

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Let us know which areas around the world were positively affected by the use of the Internet and how the usage increased –

Uses Of Internet, Importance, Benefits

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1. Internet use in education

Most of the internet is used in the education department. Internet has made everything very easy in the field of education. Student life is now many times easier than before.

Students have internet so that they learn everything very easily and easily. They solve all their doubts and problems through internet. The Internet has greatly reduced the distance between different specialist teachers and students.

India is a country where people stop studying due to poverty. They leave studies due to lack of facilities and lack of funds. The Internet has had a huge impact on the lives of such students. They can now learn more for less money.

There are many students who are preparing for big exams but they leave those preparations due to costly fees of coaching center. Be it JEE or NEET or IAS. Coaching center fees are now skyrocketing and students had to give up their dreams due to lack, but with the advent of internet it has become very easy.

2. Use of Internet in Tourism

With the help of the Internet, traveling anywhere has become much easier. Gone are the days when people had to ask the way. Due to the Internet, now there is no need to go anywhere and ask anyone for the route or address.

Directions to any place in the world can be found by opening the map. In the pre-internet time, people used to worry about how late the train would be and how long before or after how much time they had to reach the station while traveling by train.

But in today's time people do not worry because they can track the train from their phone or computer. Not only this, sitting at home, it can also be known when a seat is available in the train or not.

There are many other uses of the Internet in the tourism sector. All the reviews of this city can be seen before visiting an unknown city. Hotels can also be booked sitting at home. The Internet has made tourism easier and has made the world much smaller and more reliable.

3. Important Use of Internet in Communication

Communication and communication have changed miraculously due to the Internet. Earlier, where letters were sent and their reply was awaited for months, today, in just a few seconds, by making a video call, talking can be done by looking at the face.

The influence of the Internet is also visible in the field of communication. Where earlier it was difficult to know what is happening in other parts of the world, today news can be known by watching live videos. The Internet has made an unimaginable impact in journalism.

4. Boost of Internet Technology in Business

The Internet has revolutionized almost every field, so how can business be left behind. Millions of producers and sellers have come closer because of the Internet. Because of the Internet, a US producer can sell the product to a Sri Lankan customer.

With the advent of online shopping, the competition in the market has increased even more. Goods are easily available to the customer at a better quality and at a lower price. After the advent of internet in business, the possibilities of growing small traders have increased manifold.

5. Internet Use in Entertainment

The influence of the Internet is also visible in the field of entertainment. The means of entertainment of the people have increased even more than before. People get crores of movies, billions of songs in their hands in just a few rupees because of the internet.

People are able to see the performance of their favorite stars more closely. With the advent of the Internet, the emphasis is on producing films that can be viewed on mobile phones or desktops only.

6. Internet Use in News and Media

Today the use of the Internet has grown rapidly in the field of media. Today any kind of havoc reaches the people in few seconds. Today, with the help of many online streaming media websites and news websites, it has become very easy to reach the news to the people. Now people can read all the main news on their phone and can also watch news through video.


Internet has brought many changes due to which life has become easy and interesting. But just as every coin has two sides, similarly the ill-effects of using the Internet excessively can also be seen.

Today, incidents like Internet pornography and cybercrime are happening, which will also have to take strong steps to stop them. To avoid such consequences, use the Internet wisely and do not let the Internet dominate you. Hope you liked this article on Importance and Uses of Internet.

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If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

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