Open Book Exam System | its benefits and side effects?


What is the Open Book Exam System, what are its benefits and side effects?

"Open Book Exam" is such an examination system in which students are allowed to take their notebooks, textbooks, materials to the examination hall and use them for their examination reference. These types of examinations are aimed at developing the skills of critical and creative thinking.

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Development of mental knowledge and focus

The essence of Open Book Exam is meant to stop the traditional method of transferring the words and material written and printed in the mind of the students in their textbooks and materials and to focus and develop the student's mental knowledge growth.

Ratta system finished

If the Open Book Exam type of education is accepted, the main focus of education will be on students' ability to acquire skills, answer and complete exams, rather than memorizing what students learn from lectures. To use real time. A White Paper Ex. with the time period and logo of the organization. To be written in A-4.

Where is the Open Book Examination System prevalent?

 Education conducive to this type of examination The concept of these open book examinations is prevalent in many institutes in India such as IITs and many private institutes such as VIT and SRM.

The aim of these leading institutes is to enrich the concepts of these exams available to the students and assess the student's ability to apply logical thinking to whatever is taught to the student in written or printed format. He just has to use his mental and logical intelligence to write the answers for the exam.

Test of problem solving ability and illustration abilities

Open Book Exam System tests students' problem solving ability and illustration abilities and tries to make them think creatively by avoiding the pattern of learning and writing similar words in the answer sheet.

In Open Book-Exams questions are scenario based and not writing the definition of something but describing that definition, the student has the concept learned in the lectures.  He has to think according to the scenario present in the question paper and solve the problem himself. Typed answers are not written in this exam. Typed answers are not accepted in many universities.

Using the method and its creativity

Personal opinion is not to say that the current pattern of examinations is not good or useful, it is just based on the individual opinion of each person and their way of thinking, some people may like to learn something in the book and write the same on the exam. With creative ideas put away paper and some format and think conceptually and prefer open book exams.

The open book exam is far better than the normal exams and is felt to be very useful as compared to the normal exam pattern. Helps students to fully utilize their thinking abilities and learn.

Global questions come in the exam

Questions are global, which means you won't get an answer in a particular line or paragraph, but you'll need to jointly write a few paragraphs of description and add some value points of your own.

When you want to know the advantages and disadvantages, it can be viewed separately from the point of view of the student or instructor.

Advantage and disadvantages of open book exam

There are some advantages and disadvantages of open book exam which are listed below:-

Advantages of open book exam

1. No need to memorize things.

2. Being able to refer to text when stuck somewhere.

3. You have to reduce your studies.

4. Can get extra marks or get highest marks in class.

5. There is no stress or fear of forgetting the answer.

6. It makes knowledge more effective.

7. Can review notes and books.

8. There is less burden on the students.

9. Helps to use common sense and reasoning when asked practical questions.

10. Helps average students to score well.

Disadvantages of open book exam

1. Students appear in the exam without preparation and then they are not able to write the answer in time.

2. Students become overconfident.

3. Students take the exam lightly.

4. When searching for an answer to a particular question it becomes more time consuming.

5. Students do not pay attention during class.

6. The student may have insufficient knowledge.

7. Many students do not use their brains to answer the questions.

8. It prevents students from thinking and analyzing.

9. May be detrimental to growth.

Various Info Conclusion

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