What is PM EVIDYA Channel? What are the objectives of this initiative - Various info

What is PM EVIDYA Channel?  What are the objectives of this initiative- Various info | PM eVIDYA Channel |Pradhan Mantri eVIDYA | Diksha QR Code e-Content| One Nation One Digital Platform (Read in hindi)

PM EVIDYA Chennel - Nowadays the whole world is going through the period of Kovid-19 epidemic, due to which a lockdown was imposed in the country. Due to the lockdown, students have lost the opportunity to study in schools and universities. The Government of India has prepared an online program for the university and students to compensate for the loss of studies being done by the students.

Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday announced the PM eVidya program under the One Nation One Platform project for online courses for Indian students. PM eVIDYA program has been prepared by the Government of India for more than 100 Indian universities and students. Under this program, courses have been started for online studies of students from 30th May 2020.

At the time of announcement of PM eVidya programme, Finance Minister announced Swayam Prabha DTH channel for those students who were unable to study online from PM eVidya course due to lack of internet facility.

Today, through this article, we are going to talk about all the aspects related to PM e Vidya Syllabus. Will give detailed information etc.

What is PM EVIDYA Channel?  What are the objectives of this initiative- Various info | PM eVIDYA Channel |पीएम ई विधा |Pradhan Mantri eVIDYA | Diksha QR Code e-Content| One Nation One Digital Platform

Table of contents (toc)

Key Highlights of PM eVidya Program

program namePM eVIDYA Program
program announcementSmt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister, Government of India
beneficiaryStudents of classes 1 to 12 and students of universities
ObjectiveTo provide education through online platform to save students from loss of studies due to lockdown due to infection of Covid-19 pandemic.
official website https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/
program start30 May 2020
Scheme AvailabilityFrom 30 May 2020

PM eVidya - One Nation One Digital Platform

Under PM eVIDYA program, Government of India has provided online study facility for students studying in more than 100 universities of the country from 30th May 2020. It is well known that not every student is able to study online due to lack of internet. Keeping this problem in mind, the government will provide online education facility through Swayam Prabha DTH channel to those students who do not have internet facility.

Apart from this channel, the Government of India has set up 12 such channels which will provide educational opportunities to the students in regional languages.

'Diksha' and 'Nishtha' programs have been included under PM eVidya program and books of all classes are covered through e-content and QR code, called One Nation One Digital Platform.

A new channel has been started by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India for each class from class 1 to class 12, named One Class One Channel. The Government of India has also determined that it will produce radio podcasts and special e-content for visually impaired and deaf (hearing) students.

Announcing the PM e-Vidya program, Smt Nirmala Sitaram said that the government will not allow the students' studies to suffer due to the national lock down. Radio Community Radio and Podcasts will be used to provide online education to students. 289 community radio stations will be used for school education.

CBSE SikshaVani 

CBSE's Shiksha Vani Podcast delivers educative, clear and timely audio content on these topics from class 9 to class 12. CBSE Shiksha One App is available on Google Play Store. Shiksha Vani has so far included more than 400 audio files on various subjects as per NCERT syllabus.

The HRD Minister informed through a tweet that special material will be made available for visually impaired and hearing impaired children. This content will be developed in Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) and in sign language on NIOS website and YouTube channel.

For the visually impaired

The study material for visually impaired students has been developed in a digitally accessible information system with different technical parameters for digital audio books, magazines and computerized lessons.

Visually impaired students will be able to access all the study material of NIOS through a digitally accessible information system. These lessons will be telecast by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under Gyan Prabha Channel 30 Gyan Amrit.

For hearing impaired

The course material of NIOS for Hearing Impaired students has been recorded in sign language which is made available on NIOS website as well as on YouTube channel. This material can also be sent to the students through DVD.

Swayam Prabha TV channel

Ministry of Human Resource Development has introduced Swayamprabha DTH TV channel for those students who are unable to get online education due to lack of internet. Swayam Prabha TV channel is a conglomerate of 32 channels broadcasting high quality educational programmes.

Out of this TV channel group, 4 channels Panini-27, Sharda-28, Gyanamrit-39, Vagda-32 NIOS and Kishor Manch-31 are already being used by NCERT for dissemination of teaching and learning material related to school education.  are. He's leaving.

Learners can access these channels through DD Dish TV and Jio TV app. NIOS is also organizing live interactive web streaming of personal contact programs on various subjects of Secondary, Senior Secondary and Vocational courses for the learners associated with it through Mukt Vidya Vani. Radio Vahini has also broadcast individual outreach programs on various subjects to reach out to the learners as well as the general public.

What is Diksha?

The full meaning of Diksha is digital infrastructure for knowledge sharing. The Government of India has also included the Diksha platform under the PM eVIDYA program. Online NCERT NIOS CBSE Text Books have been made available to the students through this platform. 2685 courses have been made available to the students through this portal, which can be accessed through Diksha App and QR code on the portal.

Enrollment in 8.46 crore courses and over 6.87 crore courses have been completed so far through DIKSHA portal. So far 316 crore teaching sessions have been provided to the students by the education portal.

Under the Diksha program, material is being made available to the students in 14 Indian languages ​​like Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Chhattisgarhi etc.

Vidyadaan Programme

In the near future, a large number of high quality teaching and learning e-resources will be made available through VidyaDaan programme. VidyaDaan program at the national level has been launched by the Government to enable individuals and organizations across the country to donate/contribute e-learning resources to school education to ensure continuity of quality education.

What is Nistha Program?

The full form of Nistha Program is National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement Program. The main objective of this program is to improve learning outcomes at the elementary level of education with holistic advancement of school heads and teachers through integrated teacher training initiatives.

Nishtha program is being made available by the Government of India in 11 languages, so far 51683385 teachers have enrolled.

Mental Counseling Program

Monodarpan channel has been started to provide mental counseling and guidance for psychological support to students and teachers under PM eVIDYA programme. 308 live sessions and 45 live teaching-learning interventions have been included for the particular class under this programme.

Purpose of PM eVIDYA Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian government imposed a nationwide lockdown to contain the infection, forcing the closure of universities and schools. The studies of the students were being badly affected due to the lockdown. The main objective of the Government of India behind launching the PM eVIDYA program is to provide education through digital platforms to the students while compensating for the loss of studies during the lockdown.

Benefits of PM eVIDYA Program

The Government of India has started the online course PM eVidya program to save students from loss in studies due to covid-19 infection.  Through this program, education is being provided to the students of more than 100 universities and all schools of the country through online platform. With the commencement of this program the students will get the following benefits.

  • Students will get the opportunity to get education sitting at home.
  • Students have got one stop solution platform to get education.
  • Visually impaired and hearing impaired students have the opportunity to receive education through special radio podcasts.
  • Students have got the facility of e-content along with online studies from home.
  • Students who do not have internet facility in their homes have got the opportunity of education through educational TV channels launched by the government.
  • Through this program a new era has started for the students to get education through digital medium.

Features of PM eVIDYA Program

PM eVIDYA program is a commendable step initiated by the Government of India to compensate for the loss in studies of the students due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has the following features.

  • Government of India has announced to start courses for online education from 30th May 2020 in more than 100 universities of the country.
  • During the announcement of PM eVidya program, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said that children should be provided education opportunities through radio, community radio and podcasts.
  • Special type of e-content has been prepared for visually impaired and hearing impaired students.
  • Under this program, a dedicated channel has been prepared by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the students of classes I to XII, which will be called One Class One Channel.
  • Through One Nation One Digital Platform program integrating DIKSHA portal with PM eVidya programme, e-content and text books will be made available to students of all states and union territories through QR codes.
  • Monu Darpan channel will be developed by the Government of India for the mental health and emotional well being of the students, teachers and parents.
  • The government will create a new integrated national curriculum and pedagogical framework for schools, early childhood and teachers, taking into account the skills required for the global and 21st century.
  • The National Basic Literacy and Numeracy Mission has been launched by the Government of India from December 2020 onwards to enhance the learning level of every child and achieve results up to 5th standard.
  • Swayam Prabha DTH channel has been started for those students who are unable to study due to lack of internet.
  • Interactive sessions of experts will be provided to the students through Skype and other social media platforms.
  • Under this program private DTH operators like Tata Sky, Airtel, Dish TV etc. will also provide educational videos to the students for 2 years.
  • More than 200 new text books will be added on the already running e-Pathshala online portal.


The Government of India has started the Pradhan Mantri eVidya Program (PM eVidya Program) to compensate for the loss being caused to the students in the field of education due to the covid-19 epidemic, which can be called a commendable step of the government.  Under this programme, dedicated TV channels have been made available to the students for each class from class 1 to class 12 by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.  Separate radio podcasts and e-content have been arranged for visually impaired and hearing impaired students. Online education cannot be seen as a substitute for traditional education, but can make up for the loss of education to students due to the lockdown.

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