What is QR Code And it's full form of QR Code - Various info

Nowadays QR code is being used fast, do you know about this What is QR Code and Full Form of QR Code? It doesn't matter if you don't know.  Today in this post I will tell you in detail about QR Code and QR Code Full Form. I believe you must have seen the QR code. (Read in hindi)

What is QR Code And it's full form of QR Code - Various info

You must have seen the picture shown above.  This is called QR code. This type is the bar code itself.  Have you checked your Aadhar card carefully? You will definitely see this shape on this too. You must have seen it on the packets of shopping items, on magazine pages, in shopping malls, on online shopping websites, in newspapers, on hoardings everywhere and on various types of online mobile pay applications like BHIM APP. You can create this QR code yourself.  Through this you can market your product.

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QR Code Full Form

QR Code Full Form - is Quick Response Code. It was invented by a person associated with Japan's automobile industry. After that it gradually became popular all over the world. You must have noticed that earlier bar codes were in vogue. In which the product was defined on the basis of numbers. In which only a limited amount of bar codes could be used.

Suppose a library has 1,00,000 lakh books, then one lakh times codes have been created. But if there are several crores of books in this library then it would be difficult to produce such a large quantity of bar codes. QR code was invented to solve this problem. Which takes very less time to make and many products can be defined in it. QR code is very easy to use.

You must have noticed, like you have to transfer money to the shopkeeper through PayTM, then all you have to do is scan the PayTM QR code from your PayTM account and its details are revealed to you and you just pinch with the QR code. Money gets transferred. QR code gets scanned very fast. A lot of data can be saved in it.

There have been many versions of it. In this, all the data is stored in the form of squares. The more squares in the QR code, the more data will be stored in it. QR code is based on two dimensional code. It does not store the data from left to right only in a horizontal dimension such as bar codes. It stores data vertically and horizontally.

How is QR Code Generated?

 Nowadays creating QR code has become very easy. There are many websites on the internet these days, which allow you to create QR codes for free. That is, it works like a QR code generator. The QR Code Monkey website is quite famous in this regard. You can create your company's QR code, logo, email, SMS, text message, video message, article, YouTube channel link etc and print it and use it easily.

You can also get your company's QR code printed on your T-shirt. You can allow your product or company to be printed on any of your books or visiting cards. QR codes have made the job of product manufacturing companies very easy. Nowadays big shopping websites have given QR codes to their products. You can view their product details by scanning their QR code.

You can generate the following QR Code –

  • URL or link of any website
  • Contact details Business virtual card
  • Text
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Facebook Like
  • PDF
  • MP3
  • App stores
  • Images
  • Multi URLs
  • Phone number
  • Company logo

Many websites provide the facility to generate QR codes. If you want quality QR code, then you should use paid website. If you want to generate normal QR code then you can use any free website. Some of these websites are given below-

You can either go to the QR Code Generator website by clicking on the link above. If you do not want to use these links, then you have to write QR code generator in Google search engine. You will get the results related to this. You can choose any one of them.

I will show you how to generate QR code from http://www.qr-code-generator.com/ link. For this you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1: As soon as you click on the link given above. The below interface will appear in front of you.

QR Code क्या है इसका Full Form क्या होता है - Hindi Various info

Step 2: Here you have been told about all the things from which you can create a QR Code of which things. Either upload it or choose from a file you want to generate a QR code for. Or copy and paste it directly here. For example, let's say I want to create a QR code of https://www.wikipedia.org/, then we need to paste this URL here.

Step 3: Choose any one of the frame options on the right side that you like. Here you can use some frames only after signing up, which is Paid.

Step 4: Choose any one option from the Shape and Color option.

Step 5: Now choose any one option from the Logo option.

Step 6: If you want to download in JPG format then click on Download JPG button. If you want to download in svg/eps format then click on vector button.

Step 7: As soon as you click for download, a popup of free sign up will appear in front of you. Cancel it. You will get the QR code downloaded.

How to Scan QR Code?

To scan any QR code you must have a QR code scanning device. Do you know that your mobile phone can also work as this device? If not, let me tell you how your mobile phone can work as a QR code scanner for you? For this you need to have a QR code scanning application in your mobile phone.

There are many free Android and iOS applications available on the Google Play Store these days that work for scanning QR codes. For this, you have to go to your Google Play Store and type the QR code in the search option. So you will find many QR code scanner applications. You can choose any one of these as per your choice and install it on your mobile phone.

अपने मोबाइल फोन को अपना क्यूआर कोड स्कैनर बना सकते हैं।

  • Now when you will open this mobile application then scanner will come in your mobile.
  • Like you would move it to the above QR code or any other QR code, it scans it. After scanning it takes us to the details of that QR code.
  • To see the details of the scanned QR code, open it and if you want to send it to anyone, you can also share it. So in this way you can make your mobile phone your QR code scanner.

Why are there 3 squares in QR Code?

Currently three squares are created in any QR code of the fourth version of the QR code. Do you know why there are these 3 classes? If you don't know then let me tell you what they mean? To understand this we have to go before 1994. When there was no such thing as QR code.

QR Code क्या है इसका Full Form क्या होता है - Hindi Various info

Before the introduction of QR codes, 2D bar codes were used, but they had some limitations. It used to have one or more circles/squares in the middle of the bar code. It gives the position of any scanner to scan circle/square. The biggest problem with this type of mid-position QR code was that whenever the QR codes were scanned one by one or placed together in bulk, the scanner would get distracted. Used to scan two codes as one.

If the QR code was discolored or scratched, the scanner could not scan it. Due to which there was a big problem in commercial purchases or money transfers. Due to which Hara Masahiro, an engineer at Denso Wave Company, invented the QR code in Japan in 1994. Which is considered the most accurate in high speed scanning with secure scanning. Today we all use the same QR code.

Only 3 squares that appear in QR code are responsible for high speed and secure scanning of any QR code. This tells the square scanner the exact position of any QR code. The small square code on the fourth side tells any scanner the alignment of the QR code. Whether the QR code is placed upright or inverted or diagonally.

If multiple QR codes are put together, these three sections allow the scanner to scan all these QR codes separately in a very short time. The middle pattern of QR code stores all the details of any product like cost, category or other information related to that product. From your Aadhar card to branding of any product, you will get QR codes. Nowadays QR code is considered safe even in money transfer.

QR Code & QR Code Full-Form FAQs

Q-1. Can QR Code be scanned from mobile phone?

Answer – Yes, any QR code can be scanned in a mobile phone by downloading the app from Google Play Store.

Q-2. What is QR Code Full Form?

Answer – QR Code is Full Form Quick Response Code.  Which is increasingly being used in every field nowadays.

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