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Aadhar Update After Marriage

Aadhar Update After Marriage –Aadhar card is being used day by day in India as the main document of identity and place of residence. The popularity of Aadhar cards is increasing gradually. Aadhar card has become an essential document for various types of social schemes and services. The biometric and demographic information of the cardholder is recorded in the Aadhaar card. Demographic data, as well as biometric data, can be changed by the cardholder if required.

Often, after marriage, women change their surname and instead add their husband's surname. Therefore, there is a need to change their name in the Aadhar Card (Aadhar Update After Marriage) of women made before marriage. Unique Identification Authority of India has provided online and offline facilities for women to change their name in Aadhaar after marriage.

Today in this post detailed information will be provided about the complete process of updating Aadhar after marriage. If you have also changed your surname after marriage, then read this “Aadhar Update After Marriage” post till the end to get complete information on changing your name on your Aadhar card.

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How to update Aadhar Card After Marriage

How to update Aadhar Card After Marriage

Often women change their surname or surname after marriage. She adds her husband's surname in front of her name. But due to the old name in the original certificate, the benefits of various social schemes are not fully available. To take advantage of these schemes, a woman has to change her name on her Aadhar card (Aadhar Update After Marriage). If a woman wants to legally add her husband's surname to her name, then she has to do updation in the documents i.e. certificates. He will also have to update his Aadhar card.

Change of name of the woman in Aadhar card after marriage is related to change in demographic data. Presently updating your name in Aadhar card i.e. "Aadhar Update After Marriage" updating Aadhar after marriage is not a difficult task. Any person can follow the steps given below to change his/her name on the Aadhar card after marriage.

Step 1: First of all visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. You can also search the nearest enrollment base from the official website of UIDAI.

Step 2: Inform the Executive Officer of the Aadhaar Enrollment Center about the post-marriage Aadhaar update and provide him/her with your Aadhaar number.

Step 3: The Aadhaar updation form will be provided to you by the Aadhaar Enrollment Officer. Correctly fill the demographic information in the prescribed columns in the Aadhaar updation form.

Step 4: Aadhar Update After Marriage After filling all the information in the Aadhar Update Form, submit the form along with the documents to the Enrollment Center Officer.

Step 5: Your biometric data will be taken as authentication by the Enrollment Center official. If you have attached the original documents with the Aadhaar updation form, the original certificates will be returned to you by the officer after preparing a copy of them.

Step 6: Once the application process is completed, the executive officer of the Aadhaar Enrollment Center will provide you the Aadhaar updation receipt containing the Aadhaar updation number.

Step 7: With the help of the Aadhar updation receipt you can check the status of name updation in your Aadhar card through online or offline mode.

Step 8: Finally Rs 50 (including tax) will be charged by the Aadhaar Enrollment Officer. As per the instructions of UIDAI, a fee of ₹ 50 including tax has been fixed for updating the name in Aadhaar.

What are the documents required for Aadhar Update After Marriage?

If a woman or a man wants to change his name in the Aadhar card after marriage, then he has to submit some documents related to the name at the Aadhar enrollment center while updating Aadhar after marriage. If a woman wants to update her Aadhaar after marriage, then she has to show the marriage certificate.

When you present the original marriage certificate to the Aadhaar Center Enrollment Officer, the original certificate is returned to you by the Enrollment Officer by producing a copy of the original. Keep in mind that it is necessary to carry the original marriage certificate with you.

Alternatively, the applicant can use any one of the following documents for the Aadhaar update after marriage.

  • Original certificate of marriage issued by the Registrar of Marriages.
  • legally accepted name change certificate
  • Photo Identity Certificate of the applicant issued by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead.


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has facilitated citizens to update their demographic or biometric data after marriage or at any time. But UIDAI has set a limit for updating personal details of Aadhar cards like date of birth can be changed only once for the entire age.

Whereas the name can be changed twice. If you have changed your surname after marriage, then you will also need to update your name in the Aadhaar card for a legal change of name. So that the benefits of government schemes and services linked to Aadhaar can be easily availed.

Related FAQs

Question 1: What is the fee for updating the name in the Aadhar card after marriage?

Answer- The Unique Identification Authority of India has fixed ₹50 as the fee for updating the Aadhaar after marriage. This amount of ₹ 50 is inclusive of tax i.e. no additional tax is paid on ₹ 50. As soon as your Aadhaar update is registered at the Aadhaar Enrollment Center after the marriage request, a receipt will be provided to you by the Aadhaar Enrollment Center Officer and ₹50 will be demanded as a fee. The executives of the Aadhaar Enrollment Center cannot demand fees in excess of the limit prescribed by the UIDAI. If an Enrollment Center Executive Officer does so, you can lodge a complaint through the grievance redressal system either online or on the Aadhaar customer care number.

Question 2: In how many days does the name in the Aadhar card get updated?

Answer: Often people have this question that after changing the name in the Aadhar card, in how many days does the name of the Aadhar card change. After the name change request in Aadhar (Aadhaar update after marriage) it may take up to 60-90 days for it to be reflected in the Aadhar card. However, with the help of the update request number received at the time of the Aadhaar updation, you can check your Aadhaar update status online or offline anytime.

Question 3: Will UIDAI send me the updated Aadhaar card after I update my name in Aadhaar?

Answer: After updating the name in the Aadhar card, UIDAI sends a freshly updated Aadhar card to the registered address given in the Aadhar card through India Post.

Question 4: What to do if the updated Aadhaar is not received from UIDAI even after updating the name in the Aadhaar card?

Answer: If you do not get a new Aadhaar card even after 90 days of updating your name in Aadhaar, you can also order a reprint of Aadhaar online. For this, you will get 50 rupees. (tax inclusive) has to be paid online. Once the fee for the reprint order is deposited, the Aadhaar copy is sent to the cardholder's registered address.

Question 5: Can the application for a change of name in Aadhaar be canceled after marriage?

Answer: Yes, after applying for an Aadhar card update after marriage, if your application is found to be incorrect or suspicious in the documents attached at the time of application, your application for a change of name in Aadhar card will be canceled. It is possible. To avoid this type of hassle, take your original marriage certificate with you for verification.

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