What Is www – Full Form Of www, History, Functions, Features.

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What Is www – Full Form Of www, History, Functions, Features.

Full-Form Of www There is World Wide Web. It works on HTML, HTTP, web servers and web browsers, etc. The World Wide Web, commonly known as the Web, is an information system that is a group of documents available on the Internet that are interconnected with each other by hypertext ( text, image, sound).

The name of a website is also called its URL (Uniform Resource Locator) through which users access that website. With the help of this web address, the browser program accesses the server on which the website is located and then retrieves a webpage from it and displays it on the screen of our device.

WWW is known as the web because it is a collection of websites. Where all the information around the world is stored on the website. There will be many internet users who are hardly aware of the usefulness of WWW World Wide Web.

What Is www – Full Form Of www, History, Functions, Features.

If you also do not know the definition of WWW or World Wide Web. So here you will get to know about WWW Full Form, What Is www ( What is WWW in Hindi), etc.

The full form of WWW is the World Wide Web which is used to store information. Through this, all the websites are given their own special name, which works as their identity and which we know by the name of the URL. This is such a medium of getting information which is in the form of links. All computers around the world are interconnected through WWW technology.

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We can access these websites and the information contained in them, which is in the form of images, text, audio, or video, from any corner of the world. Be it Laptop , Mobile, or Computer, they can be easily available to everyone. WWW is there, only then we will be able to access the internet.

Understand in simple words, whenever we open Google, there is always a WWW in place of the URL of the website. But have you ever wondered what is the meaning of this WWW, why it stays before the name of every website, then only through this we can access the website? So let us now know the Full Form Of www?

should know about WWW Full Form in Hindi, because this is a very common question that is very important from the point of view of any competitive exam and general knowledge.

WWW Full Form

Full-Form Of www Or means - " World Wide Web ". The full form of WWW in Hindi is " World Wide Web" or "World Wide Web ".

World Wide Web History

Do you know where www.com was born and who is the inventor of the World Wide Web? If you don't know, I'll tell you. British scientist invented the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee Ne, 1989 did in. The history of the World Wide Web is something like this - Tim Berners-Lee used to work at CERN. He had a team of more than 1700 scientists, who were in about 100 countries.

All these scientists needed a medium to convey their information to each other, which was reliable. With this in mind, the World Wide Web was born to combine computer technologies, data networks, and hypertext into an efficient and user-friendly global information system.

Features of the World Wide Web

We all take advantage of WWW ( World Wide Web) with great pleasure. The list of features of the World Wide Web is also very long. But here I am telling you about some special features.

We can use the Internet only because of the World Wide Web or WWW, no internet.
WWW sitting from any corner of the world.
Sitting in one corner of the world, we can connect and connect with anyone in another corner. This is the wonder of WWW itself.
We can get information from all over the world in minutes only because of the World Wide Web i.e. WWW.
Online studies, online shopping, online work, online payment, and much more online work, everything has been possible only because of WWW.

WWW Works

If the URL contains a domain name, the browser (where we search for information) first connects to a domain name server and obtains the corresponding IP address for the web server.
The web browser connects to the web server and sends an HTTP request (via the protocol stack) to the desired web page.
The web server receives requests and probes for the desired page. If the searched page exists, the web server sends it. And if the server cannot find the requested page, it will send an HTTP 404 error message.
After the page is matched, you can view it on your web browser.
This is how the WWW web browser works.


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FAQs) related to WWW

Is it necessary to use WWW now?

Yes, WWW must be used to access a website only through its correct domain name.

Who invented WWW?

World Wide Web ( WWW) was invented by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

What is the full name of WWW?

The full form of WWW is World Wide Web, with the help of this you can search the website.

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If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

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