Essential things before getting a borewell done.

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Know how to identify borewell points, agriculture borewell drilling cost, pump price and pipe cost, and setup guide all in just one post. Let us get complete details about borewell drilling cost and agriculture borewell setup.

Identifying borewell points, agricultural borewell drilling costs, pump prices and pipe costs, and setup guides,
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Introduction Borewell : 

Are you planning to drill borewell in your home disposal or agricultural land? Sure, here is the information about agricultural borewells. All the areas in India that are troubled by water sources or water storage are not commensurate with the annual rainfall and are not reaching the optimum stage.

It has become very difficult to get water for orchids or agricultural crops. The only way behind this is to dig borewells. Still, it is not certain whether you get water or not as it depends on the geographical factors. If this area is affected by lakes or rivers, there is likely to be a ground level water source.

Before going for borewell, we must identify the points for drilling. how can we do it? Let us discuss more in the next section.

Once you are successful with borewell, it is better to use drip irrigation in your crops for effective utilization of bore water.

priority of borewell: 

If you are planning to have multiple bores in your ground, you should have a 25 kV transformer to carry the load up to 5 motors. You can apply for agricultural transformer by filling the form along with DD and Xerox copies of land title/passbook at your local electricity office near your land.

If all is well with your description, the transformer can be approved in 3 to 6 months. You should make these arrangements well before the actual borewell digging begins. The power department will install the transformer as per your instructions with 3 phase connectivity.

identification of borewell points:

To identify bore points, you will need to hire a certified geologist.  Usually, it costs around Rs 500 per acre on an average.  Once you hire him, he will survey the entire land with his equipment.  If you ask them to survey 10 acres to identify bore points, it may cost you around Rs 5,000.

Note: Different geologists may work at different rates. Here we have only given averages.

Depending on his test, the geologist can tell you about 3 to 4 points with water level information such as how deep to dig and the amount of water.

Some people just go by their guesswork, it might work sometimes, but not recommended.

In the villages, some people try with the coconut trick, but it is also not fruitful.

However, once the points have been identified by the geologist, you will need to mark those points for excavation. Place some stones at those points for your reference, or make strong marks.

borewell drilling cost

After properly locating the borepoints, you should search for borewell drilling machine. The cost of drilling can vary from region to region and may also change depending on the cost of diesel. Here is the average cost of digging a borewell:

  • Up to 100 ft : Rs 60 to 70 per ft.
  • Above 100 feet and below 200 feet: Rs 80 to 100 per feet.
  • Above 200 ft: Rs.100+ per ft.

However, you can negotiate the prices with the borewell owner. Also, you may have to pay for the casing.

While drilling, the casing has to be made up to 20 to 40 feet first. The length of cover required depends on the type of soil, for loose soil, you may need longer cover. The cover usually costs you around Rs 200 per ft. If you're opting for 40 feet, it costs you:

40 feet x 200 = Rs.8,000,

If you don't get water in that particular point, they Will remove the cover and charge you half the price, which will be Rs 4,000.

Calculation of borewell digging cost

Now let us calculate the cost of digging 200 feet borewell:
  • For first 100 feet:   60 ₹ / ft = 100 x 60 = ₹ 6,000 .
  • For 100 feet to 200 feet: 80 ₹ / feet = 100 x 80 = ₹ 8000.
For 40 feet cover : 40 x 200 =  ₹ 8000 .

Miscellaneous Fee: ₹ 1,000 (Workers working there can ask for suggestions)

Total cost of excavation so far (a):

 6,000 + 8,000 +8,000 + 1,000 = ₹ 23,000.

Note: The above cost does not include any other equipment which we will talk about in later sections.

Tools needed for a new borewell:

  • Submersible Motor Pump,
  • Starter Box ,
  • Bore Pipe (20 ft each)
  • Cable wire from motor to starter box
  • Starter box with electric pole
  • Gate Valve
  • Clips and miscellaneous GA wires etc.

Popular and Branded Submersible Pumps:

There are many brands of submersible pumps in India. However, it all depends on your budget. We recommend buying a branded pumpset so that you do not face frequent wire burns, other electrical and mechanical problems. Here are the top submersible pumps in India.

  • texmo
  • CRI
  • Kirloskar
  • Crompton
  • KSB

Total cost of borewell

Now, let us calculate the total cost of a 200 ft borewell which will also include the cost of digging and the cost of equipment.


  •  Installed transformer
  •  Existing borewell
  •  Borewell Depth: 200 feet
  •  Recommended Pumpset: Texmo

Here we will also add borewell motor cost:
  • Texmo Submersible Pumpset (5 HP) = ₹ 6,000.
  • Starter Box (L&T) = ₹ 4500

  • Cable wire for 200 feet from motor to starter box,
  •  = ₹ 10000.
  • Bore pipe (20 feet each), we'll be installing with a depth of 160 to 170 feet, so we'll need 8 pipes.  so
  • The cost of the pipe is 8 x 625 = ₹ 5000.
  • From Electric Pole to Starter Box Cost of 3 Phase Service Wire : = ₹ 2,000
  • Gate valves and other miscellaneous items: = ₹ 2,000.
  • Fixing charges for Electrician and any other labor = ₹ 2,500
Total Equipment and Labor Cost (b)
26,000 + 4,500 + 10,000 + 5,000 + 2,000 + 2,000 + 2,500 = ₹ 5,2,000

Total cost for 200 ft borewell with all equipments. 
Borewell digging cost (a) + total equipment cost (b) : 23, 000 +  52,000 = ₹ 75,000
So the total cost of setting up borewell is Rs.75,000.

Agriculture Borewell Drilling Tips:

Before heading for a borewell, inquire from nearby farmers for the general depth of the borewell where you can find water. Never go too deep, as it will cost you dearly. If necessary, obtain permission from the Agriculture Office.  Never dig one borewell close to another borewell.

If you get less water in the bore, connect all the low water bores with a pipe and fix gate valves from all directions. Prevent any leakage of water on the ground. Keep checking the borewell for leaks and water level When you find low water level do not operate the motor as the motor running in it may burn.

Make sure you have an electrician handy with any wires or fuses. Never replace fuses or touch wires.  Never leave unfinished borewells open. Shut them down immediately.

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