How to Aadhar Card Lock and Unlock with SMS.

Ashok Nayak
Today you will know that from Aadhar Card Lock or Unlock Kaise Kare SMS as we all know that Aadhar Card has become such a document. Which is required from opening a bank account to buying a SIM. Today there will hardly be any government work that does not require an Aadhar Number because there is a document in which a person's personal information is present.
How to lock aadhar card-How to Aadhar Card Lock and Unlock with SMS.

This is the reason the Aadhar card is used in most places to prove identity. Many times people simply leak data due to some reason, due to which the possibility of loss increases. Keeping this problem in mind, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has released a feature.

Through which Aadhar card users will be able to lock their Aadhar Number and Unlock. Through this feature, users will be able to keep their data secure. To date, you must have heard many cases of fraud from Aadhaar, but after the introduction of this feature, you will be able to avoid fraud from Aadhaar to a large extent.

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What is Aadhar Card Lock or Unlock?

When you create a new Aadhaar, information from your name to your eye and fingerprint is saved in it.  This is your personal data in a way that UIDAI stores on its server.

Whenever your Aadhaar is certified, your fingerprint information is taken for it.  Through which we come to know that Aadhaar is yours, this proves your identity. 

 If you put a lock on your Aadhar, then no one can use your base anywhere without your permission.  You will also not be able to use your Aadhaar when locked.  In such a situation, if you need to certify an Aadhaar card to take a SIM pack.  So you have to unlock your Aadhar first.  Only then you will be able to use your base.

So now you must have come to know from Aadhar Card Locker UnlockKaise Kare SMS.  Many times our base is lost, so we should immediately lock it.  So that even if he finds someone, he cannot misuse it.  As we told you, there are two main ways to lock Aadhaar is the first website.
  Which requires a smartphone and an internet connection.  While you can take advantage of SMS service on any smartphone or keypad mobile, it does not require internet.

What is needed for Aadhar card Lock or Unlock?

It is very important to register a mobile number on it to lock it on your base, without registering the mobile number you cannot lock it.  Even today, many users whose mobile numbers are not linked to Aadhaar.

In such a situation, if your mobile number is not even registered, then you have to first go to Aadhar Center and register your number.  Please tell that there is no online way to enter the number in Aadhaar, you will have to go to Aadhaar Center.  

We will suggest that you should register the number to take advantage of many services related to Aadhaar.

It costs just 50 rupees.  You can register the mobile number from any of your nearest Aadhaar centers.  So after registering the number, the information about how to lock the Aadhaar card is given below.

How to Lock Aadhaar Card.

There are many ways to lock an Aadhar card, which the main way is through the official website of UIDAI.  But here we are telling you the easiest way to lock Aadhaar card through SMS.
For this, you have to send an SMS to 1947 Number from your registered mobile number.

  First of all, you have to generate a Virtual ID, for this follow the steps given below.

• For this, GVID <SPACE> Aadhaar Number - Last - 4 - Digits (eg - GVID 1234) has to be sent from your registered mobile number to 1947.

  • With this you will get a 16-digit Virtual Id of your Aadhaar, which will be useful for unlocking the Aadhaar and note it down.
Now follow these steps to lock the base.
• To lock an Aadhaar number, the cardholder must send an SMS by writing GETOTP <SPACE> Aadhaar NUMBER - Last - 4 - Digits (eg GETOTP 1234) on 1947.  

• After this, the 6-digit OTP will come on the phone of the holder. 

• After receiving the OTP, the cardholder must send the message to 1947 again by typing LOCKUID <SPACE> Aadhaar NUMBER - last4 - digits <SPACE> OTP - 6 - digits (eg - LOCKUID 1234123456).  

Now the aadhar number will be locked after this.

How to unlock your Aadhar card.

For this, you only need to send two messages.  In this you will need virtual ID and how you generate it, you can see above in this post.

• First of all send a from your register mobile number on 1947,
Ex. GET OTP < SPACE > Virtual - ID - last - 6 - digits ( example GETOTP 123456 )

• After sending OTP, send it back to the 1947 number by writing as follows.
UNLOCKUID < SPACE > Virtual - ID - last - 6 - digits < SPACE > OTP - 6 digits ( example. UNLOCKUID 123456 123456 ) ,
This will unlock your Aadhar card.

How to lock aadhaar card, how to unlock aadhar

How to lock aadhaar card, how to unlock aadhar - aadhar card ko lock Kaise Kare /  Best Ways How to lock/unlock aadhaar.  We hope you have read the entire post.  And you have also learned to lock/unlock your Aadhar cards.  You must tell us your thoughts through comments.  We will be very happy. 

My passion is all of you read you guys will also be able to share this information in your neighborhood, relatives, your friends, so that we will be aware and all of them will benefit. I need to cooperate with me,

so I can have more information about you. How do you book this card's base card? And how unlock the base card? How do you think using the comment to tell us so that we also get mocs of learning some of your thoughts and improve some?

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If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

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