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How To Avoid Online Fraud And Internet Scam

How To Avoid Online Fraud And Internet Scam: With the expansion of the Internet in India, a smartphone can be seen in the hands of everyone. And after the arrival of Jio, it has caught a different pace. Even in small villages and towns, people are now collecting information from mobile through websites and Youtube. In this sequence, our banking system is also promoting facilities like mobile banking, online net banking, etc.

Although its benefits are many, but some people are using it wrongly. These people do online fraud with others and steal money from their bank accounts. Knowingly or unknowingly many people get caught in their clutches and lose their hard earned money. So come let us know how we can avoid such online fraud.

With the expansion of the Internet in India, the cases of online fraud are also increasing. Let us know how to avoid these Internet Fraud and Online Scams.

Credit card and ATM fraud, fraud in the name of providing internet service, scam in the name of services like cashback, fraud in the name of services like UPI, fraud in the name of gift card, fraud in the name of bank KYC or by becoming a bank officer Taking, Insurance / Loan scams, Lottery Scam, Investment fraud, stealing personal information and taking advantage of it.

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What is Online Fraud and Internet Scams?

To steal money from any person's bank account or to cheat online money is called online fraud.

What are the types of internet scam and online fraud

There have been countless ways to cheat money through the Internet. But still let us talk about some of the main types of Fraud methods like-Credit card and ATM fraud, fraud in the name of providing internet service, scam in the name of services like cashback, fraud in the name of services like UPI, fraud in the name of gift card, fraud in the name of bank KYC or by becoming a bank officer Taking, Insurance / Loan scams, Lottery Scam, Investment fraud, stealing personal information and taking advantage of it.

Let us talk about all these in detail one by one.

1.) Credit card and ATM Fraud

Most credit card and ATM frauds happen in India. In the coming days, you must also hear how money was stolen from someone's ATM or credit card. Sometimes the man does not even know that money has been taken from his account.

Method of fraud with debit card –

Thieves have a blank ATM card. You use your ATM to withdraw money, refill your vehicle or make some purchases. What thieves do is that they already put data collectors in such places, so that the information of your debit card is transferred to their blank card.

Now the next step is to know the password of the ATM. In such a situation, either such men put a camera there, or they will go along with you to the ATM room and notice what you pressed. Somewhere they put a chip in the ATM swipe machine itself so that your password can be recorded.

Now after getting the password, everything becomes very easy for them. You do not even know and money is withdrawn from your account.


Whenever you go to withdraw money at the ATM, do not let anyone else stay behind you. The bank also instructs to stay in only one closed ATM room at a time.

Before using an ATM, check that there is no magnetic information collector or any other similar device installed on it.

If you are shopping, then check thoroughly that there is no camera visible anywhere.

Before entering the ATM PIN, cover its button well so that no one else can see which button you are pressing.

Wherever you want to pay by card, try to go by yourself, do not give your card to any waiter, employee etc.

From time to time, keep checking the amount deposited in your account.

2.) Fraud in the name of providing Internet service

"I am speaking from xyz company and virus has come in your laptop or your mobile software is out of date and I am calling you to make it."

You too must have received some or the other call for providing any service through similar internet. Similarly, scams are called Internet service based scams.

Who understands that fraud is being tried in the name of Internet service?

Such frauds mainly happen with such people who use mobile or laptop. If you open a website, many times POP UPs come in it which redirects you to another page.

By the way, a warning is given to you on the page like – “Your laptop/mobile has virus, your device has been hacked etc. and a number/email id/link is given on it and where does it go to fix it. Call or visit the link.

Maybe he tells you to put some software named TEAMVIEWER or ANYDESK in your laptop / mobile so that the control of your computer comes in his hands.

When you do this a guy talks to you to help you and extort money from you. And in many other cases, he also takes the information of your bank. A whole team is appointed to make you successful, who take you in full confidence and Fraud comes and goes.

How to avoid internet service based scam

•  Never press any suspicious looking link.

Do not go to the website which does not see the lock sign next to the url.

Whenever you see anything like "Warning", don't panic. In case of any discrepancy, contact the registered helpline number of your device only.

Do not take help of any unknown person. You are completely unaware of the guy who is calling you. Do not give any information to such people.

Always keep Antivirus in your laptop/computer.

No matter how much anyone intimidates or threatens you, do not get into their words. Go directly to the official service center only.

Do not forget to give control of your computer/laptop in the hands of such people. Do not keep any software like TeamViewer, Anydesk, on your laptop or mobile or use it when someone speaks.

3.) Scams in the name of services like Cashback

With the advent of Paytm, Freerecharge, Mobikwik, Airtel app, and many such wallet services, people have started getting cashback on recharge, booking etc. Thieves now also use it to cheat you.

How to cheat in the name of cashback

Such thieves call you and tempt you to get cashback. Now it is obvious that almost everyone has wallet based service like Paytm, Mobikwik, etc. So when someone asks us whether you did recharge or booking from abc app, then we also accept it.

And doing so, that banda immediately lures you for cashback and asks you for your login id password so that he can put the cashback in your account. Either he can ask you to scan a link or QR code. Now if you accept any of these things, then you get caught in the scam of money from Cashback. He takes all your money in a moon second eg.

How to Avoid Cashback Scam –

•  Don't answer calls like cashback claim from anyone. No company will not call you for cashback nor ask you to click on any link.

No matter which application you use (Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pe etc.), keep all locked and completely protected with password. Don't give that information to anyone.

Do not get lured by the name Cashback, nor even reply to any such message.

If possible, make all these apps from a number that is not public.

Even if someone asks you to scan the QR code in the name of sending money, then do not do so even by forgetting. If you want to take money, then get it from someone directly in the account.

How to Avoid Online Fraud and Internet Scams

4.) Cheating money in the name of services like UPI

After ATM fraud, the second biggest fraud is happening in the name of UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Nowadays everyone is using UPI to send money to each other's accounts. Although it is very easy to use, but if not taken care of, it can be equally dangerous.

How to understand scam from UPI

The specialty of UPI is that it works in the same mobile which has a SIM registered with the bank. So if your number is with someone then it is sure that it is related to some bank or the other. Thieves take advantage of this.

There are many ways of this scam - OLX, Google pe, Phone pe, etc.

The thief will call you from some other identity (sometimes army, bank employee etc.) and talk to you. Such scams are happening more than business nowadays. He will try to make you believe with his words that he has to buy some of your stuff. Now it is obvious that if you are a trader then your number will be public, otherwise if you have put something on olx to sell then you will also give the number.

He will ask you for UPI ID or number in the name of payment. Then someone will ask you to scan the QR code. Otherwise, in the name of completing the transaction, it will ask you for your password. If you do something like this even by mistake, then within a few minutes, he will clear your account.

Such scammers will not be in the slightest interested in seeing the service or vastu being provided by you, but will talk about sending you money. If someone does such a thing, then be alert immediately.

How to Avoid UPI Fraudsters

•  Never give money by QR CODE scan in UPI app. Avoid it as much as possible.

Create your UPI account with a mobile number that is not public.

If you are selling any item then be more careful. Meet the customer either face-to-face and if you are in digital services, then direct the bank account number by giving it to the person.

Do not share your PIN with anyone.

Never keep more money than your daily requirement in a UPI account.

5.) Fraud in the name of Gift Card

Amazon, Google and many such companies provide facilities like GIFT card to their customers. You can give these cards to someone for their Birthday, Wedding, or just for some shopping. But some scammers have found a way to cheat from them too.

How are gift card scams done?

Such scams are done by both email or mobile. Either you will be tempted to increase the benefits of a company's gift card by sending a mail and for this you will be asked to fill the information in a form.

Or someone will call as an employee of the company and take his information in the name of activating the gift card. And some people will make you emotional and talk about getting a gift card from you in the name of fund or donation.

How to Avoid Gift Card Scam

Do not give the gift card information to anyone other than the person giving the gift.

No company will contact you to activate the gift card. So if someone comes to you to fill any kind of form to do this, then never do it.

Never keep the amount of the card in excess.

Always take GIFT CARD from a well-known company.

If any email or message talks about increasing the validity or amount of your card, then understand that it is a success and do not reply to such email.

6.) To cheat money in the name of KYC or by becoming a bank officer

Any bank does complete verification of its customer. For this, complete information of the customer is taken like - name, address, Aadhaar, PAN etc. Where is this entire process known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

How to recognize KYC SCAM

Scammer calls posing as bank officer and says that your bank account does not have KYC. If you do not do KYC then your account or ATM will be blocked.

Almost everyone in India now has a bank account. The person gets flustered when such a call comes. Then that fraudster takes your ATM number, PIN, CVV, account number etc. information from you in the name of KYC.

And as soon as you share this sari information with him, his work is done. Such people mostly call you when the bank is closed or on holiday so that you are not able to make any contact with the bank.

How to Avoid KYC FRAUD

No bank calls you for KYC or for any purpose. Even if the need arises, you are called to the bank. So don't trust such calls.

Do not share your ATM details with anyone.

KYC is always done at the branch of the bank. Online KYC cannot be done through any medium.

No bank manager is authorized to make withdrawals or deposits from your account. So if a bank manager intimidates you by talking about your account, then do not be afraid.

If you get such a call, go straight to the bank and find out. If possible, keep checking your bank account in a few days.

7.) Insurance/Loan scams

Such scams are in the name of selling you insurance.

How to understand Loan/Insurance Scam

You ever contact any company or firm to get insurance basic information. And the surprise is that only when you need a loan, someone calls you and offers you a loan. In such a situation, you are needy and fall in their trap.

And even if it is not so, then many times we all give our information on online sites to know our credit score. The scammers collect your saree information from here and call you. And on the basis of this information, you trust them. Then they turn around and come towards the same account and ATM fraud.

How To Avoid Insurance Scam And Loan Fraud

If you need any information related to insurance or loan, then get it from reliable places.

Loan services can never be given through mobile just by talking on the phone. If someone makes such an offer, then understand that it is a scam.

Do not give your other bank details to anyone in the name of insurance or loan.

On such websites that provide insurance services, if you ask to share any personal information, then do not do it. Although in some places you may need to do this (such as car insurance etc.), so use that website only after thorough verification.

Always take a loan from an authorized bank or a well-known company. Don't get caught in the scam due to low EMI rate.

How to Avoid Internet Scam

8.) Lottery Scams

Lottery scams were at their peak in India for many years. People also fall in the trap of such scams by getting greedy.

How to Recognize Lottery Scam

These types of scams are the easiest to detect. If you have never taken any lottery then it is completely futile to hope that a lottery will be held.

The person doing this type of fraud will call you as an employee of a well-known company and will say that the xyz company had taken out a lottery in which your number has been lottery. He lures you with various gifts, cars and money. And when he sees that you have come into his talk, then he will ask you for the charges for sending money.

After this, he will take information from you about your bank in which he can send money. He will ask for all these things very cleverly so that you do not have any doubts. If possible, you can also ask for UPI number by saying that money will come soon. If you follow any of his words, you get caught in his clutches.

How to Avoid Lottery Scam –

Don't fall into the trap of falling asleep like Lottery. This is just a way to trap people.

If you get any such call in which your number is talked about lottery, then you understand that it is a scammer / fraudsters.

Do not give your bank accounts information to anyone for the greed of money.

In lottery scam, the person can also contact you through email. Please do not open mails from unknown email id or click on any link.

Do not forget to give any information related to your UPI to bring money soon.

9.) Investment fraud

This type of fraud is more with those who want to invest in some property recently or want to invest money in FD/MUTUAL FUND/SIP.

How does investment fraud happen?

Any scammer would like to prove himself a great knower of finance and planning by talking to you. If you invest in the share market, then he will try to tell you about the surefire ways to invest in shares. It can also happen that if you want to take a property, then he talks about giving you a good deal in it.

In the sequence of this, he will talk to you to take some token money in the name of finalizing the deal or commission. In both the cases you get caught in his fraud.

How to avoid investment scam-

Never take any tip from any unknown company or person to invest in the stock market. Don't work on his call.

Always take investment based suggestions from trusted institutions.

Never take Mutual Fund or SIP from those providing call based services.

The correct information about the property should always be checked and checked directly. If someone talks about finalizing the deal on mobile itself, be alert.

If you talk about getting an incredible discount in the course of making any investment, then be cautious. Do not invest in the wrong place due to big discounts.

10.) Taking advantage of personal information by stealing it

It takes a lot of leopards to see such scams, but they become very risky in the future.

How to know scams that steal personal information

In today's digital age, information is the biggest trade. All companies want your information from you. Accordingly, they provide you service like Advertisements, Insurance etc. Now in such a situation there are some companies that sell your information to others.

From there, the scammers call you by taking your information.

Now the scam of stealing a new kind of information has also started. Scammers steal your private information by taking control of your computer (as mentioned above). After that they get you by threatening to make your information public.

How to avoid scam related to personal information

Never share your information on unknown websites or put any photos and videos.

If you call, email, message any person in the name of survey, do not reply to it or give any kind of information.

If you take any kind of online service, then in that case take full care of your privacy and must read the privacy policy of that company.

Never use apps like TeamViewer, Anydesk which give control of your system to some unknown hands.

Don't fall for any free app or software. It is possible that the scammer can steal your data from them.

What to do if you have an online fraud

If by mistake you have fallen into any kind of scam / fraud and money has been stolen from your account, then follow the steps given below –

Immediately go to your nearest police station and complain about it and definitely take a copy of the FIR.

Visit your bank branch with the copy of this FIR and register your complaint there.

If you are in any other city, then your bank's official HELPLINE No. Get in touch and file a complaint there.

You can also lodge a complaint on the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal.

You will need to carry IDENTITY Proof and proof of your bank with you.

Remember that the sooner you report your case, the more your chances of getting out of fraud increase. Try to report it within 24 hours.

How many chances are there to get back the money lost from your Fraud –

This is a bit difficult to say. If you have not taken any action by yourself like –

  • No OTP shared
  • Did not share my ATM and bank details with myself
  • You didn't press the send money link or scan the QR code in UPI yourself
  • Did not send money to someone's account by myself
  • You have not done billing in the name of any service

If you do not do things like these, then there is a high chance that your money can be returned. But if you did, then chances are a little work. But still you complain immediately.

Some more information to avoid online fraud

Many domestic and foreign organizations and people work to make the general public aware of such frauds. Such people also include famous YOUTUBERS and Bloggers like JIM BROWNING , KARL ROCKS, ScammerRevolts, KITBOGA. In this, Jim Browning along with BBC had also busted such a scam call center.

If you check their videos and websites, then you will understand well how Internet Fraud has become a big market. Scammers can go to any extent to trap you. But only one thing can save you in all this and that is your understanding and knowledge.


How to Avoid Online Fraud

The utility of internet is increasing very fast in India under Digital India. Now that everyone has a Smartphone, the chances of CYBER CRIME increase by themselves. People have very limited information about online fraud and scammers take advantage of this.

In such a situation, we need to be more aware and alert. Almost everyone in India now has an account in banks and it is also connected to their mobile. In such a situation, scammers will try to defraud you by employing different types of tricks. We need to work with restraint and use technology wisely. Technology is there to make our work easier provided we know how to use it properly.

Hope you have liked all the above information and will prove useful for you. Share this to more people so that they too can protect themselves from any online fraud and internet scam. With the hope that you will meet again in the next article with some more important information. Thank you.

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