How to find a stolen mobile phone by google

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How to find a stolen mobileHello friends, in today's era, all use expensive smartphone but everyone is afraid of getting their phone stolen. But let us tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of, just if you have to do this work on your mobile phone then your smartphone will be safe।

How to find a stolen mobile phone by google

Today we are talking about stolen mobiles in this article. Nowadays there are many smartphones along with mobile theft is also increasing.

  1. by police complex
  2. With the help of google

How to find a stolen mobile From police complex  

Whether a new smartphone or an old phone is the IMEI number of all mobiles, each device has a different identity.  If you have this IMEI number then the police cob will be easy to find your phone.  If you do not know the IMEI number of your mobile phone, then let us know that this IMEI number is behind the battery of your phone, but since the battery of today's smartphone does not drain, you will dial *#06#, then you will get 15 digits.  IMEI number will be found.

Some people have stolen their mobiles, so they do not compete in the police because they get upset by answering the police questions.  So do not be afraid, the police will need your help.

How to find stolen mobile with the help of Google

Friends, how to search for stolen mobiles, you have to have some important things to search with the help of Google, if you do not have any of these 4 points below, then you cannot search your mobile from Google.  So keep these three points on your mobile at all times.

To find you mobile using Google 
  1. Your mobile must have a Gmail id login.
  2. Your mobile must have Location Service (GPS) turned on.
  3. Your mobile must have Internet enabled.
  4. When you are searching with the help of Google, then your mobile should be ON which means the switch should not be off.
If these four options are turned on in your lost phone, then you can search your phone with the help of these steps given below, so let's know.

STEP 1:- First of all take an andoird mobile or computer. You can take the phone of anyone like your friends or go to the Sarbar Cafe.

STEP 2:- If you have a computer, then install find my device APP on that phone, you will find this app in Google Play Store. Now login with gmail in this app and gmail should be the same as that which was logged in the stolen mobile. If you are doing with computer. Search Google and login with g mail id.  gmail should be the same as the one logged into the stolen mobile.

STEP 3:- Now you will know in which area your mobile is.
Here you will see 3 options.  So let's understand these options, if these options are understood then after that you can use it.  Otherwise it can cause a lot of damage if used randomly.  And we will not be responsible for this.

There will be 3 options shown in the photo below.

How to find a stolen mobile

Play Sound Option:- Use it only when your mobile is in your home or nearby, meaning when you can hear the voice of the phone, you are so close.  You will feel that if my phone is in silent mode then how will the ring ring?  If your phone is in mute only then the ring will ring.  Do not stress it.

I asked to use its sound option only when there is a phone at home or around because if you are away, then the person stealing the phone will remove the battery of the phone or switch off somehow, then you will not be able to find the phone.

Secure Device (LOCK) Option :- If you feel that it is difficult to get my phone now, then you will use it, then your phone will be locked and you can also send a message that whoever gets this mobile will get reward for calling this number.  And maybe he will call.

Erase Option:- There will be personal information in your mobile, it is often on everyone's mobile, if you feel that no one knows it then you can use it.  And reset the entire data of the mobile phone.

what did you learn today

I have full hope that the information I have given today, how to search for stolen mobiles with the help of Google or with the help of the police (How to find a stolen mobile) and full details about the type of Phone Losting and hope you  People must have understood about finding this stolen phone.

I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that our awareness will be there and it will benefit everyone.  I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

How did you find this article stolen mobile with the help of Google or with the help of police?  Tell us how you felt by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

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If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

If you liked the information of this article, then please share your experience by commenting. This is very helpful for us and other readers. Thank you

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