Constitution Gk Quiz 1 ( most important questions)

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Constitution Gk Quiz 1 ( most important questions)

Constitution Gk Quiz 1 ( most important questions)

Question - Who proposed the proposal of the constitution in front of the drafting committee of the constitution?

Answer - Jawaharlal Nehru

Question - On whose satisfaction was the Constituent Assembly formed?

Answer - On the satisfaction of the Cabinet Mission Plan

Question - The President cannot issue ordinances on which subjects?

Answer - On the topics of the state list

Question - It is mandatory for Parliament to approve declaration of emergency within how much period

Answer - Within 1 month

Question - On whose recommendation is the Financial Allocation of States?

Answer: On recommendation of Finance Commission

Question - Whose Secretariat of Lok Sabha works under direct supervision and control?

Answer - Speaker of Lok Sabha

Question - What is the biggest single source of Indian constitution?

Answer: Government of India Act 1935

Question - The basic structure of the constitution cannot be amended, in which case the Supreme Court gave this arrangement?

Answer - In Keshavanand Bharati suit

Question - Who recognizes political parties in India?

Answer: Election Commission

Question - Who has the right to amend the fundamental rights provided by the Constitution?

Answer: To Parliament

Question - What is the objective of the Directive Principles of State Policy?

Answer - Making the constitution a tool of social change.

Question - How many members of the electoral college are required to be offered candidates for the post of President?

Answer - by 50 members

Question - Who has the right to dissolve the Lok Sabha before its stipulated 5-year period?

Answer - On the recommendation of the Prime Minister to the President

Question - What was the reason for implementing the Constitution on 26th January?

Answer - Congress celebrated this date as Independence Day in 1930.

Question - With which authority can a citizen go to ensure the right to personal freedom?

Answer - Supreme Court and High Court

Question - Is the right to initiate impeachment against the President of India?

Answer: Either House of the Parliament can initiate it.

Question - Which Bill does the President necessarily have to sign and he cannot send it back for reconsideration?

Answer: On Finance Bill

Question - Vice-President is the ex-officio Chairman of which organization?

Answer - Rajya Sabha

Question - Who has the right to extend the normal term of the Lok Sabha beyond 5 years?

Answer - Parliament only in times of national crisis

Question: Who has the right to decide the disqualification or disqualification of a member in the Indian Constitution under the Anti-Defection Law?

Answer - To the Speaker of Lok Sabha

Question - Which state's reservation bill has been included in the ninth schedule?

Answer - Tamil Nadu Reservation Bill

Question - How to vote in the Legislative Assembly to be elected a member of the Legislative Council?

Answer - Open voting

Question - Who announces the biennial elections to Rajya Sabha?

Answer: Election Commission

Question - If any law or constitutional amendment is placed in the 9th list of the constitution, what is the result?

Answer: He does not remain in the court.

Question: Without whose permission, no money bill can be introduced in the state legislative assembly?

Answer - Without the permission of the Governor

Question - Who has the power to suspend the 'Fundamental Rights' as provided in the Indian Constitution?

Answer - President

Question: For how long can Parliament make laws on a subject of the list of states?

Answer - For 1 year

Question- In the context of Directive Principles of State Policy, who made the comment that this is a check whose payment depends on the convenience of the bank

Answer - K.K.  T. Shah

Question - Under which scheme was constitution of Constituent Assembly proposed? 

Answer - Cabinet Mission Plan

Question - Who has the power of pardon for a criminal who has died?

Answer - Only to the President

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