FUNDAMENTAL OF COMPUTER : DCA 1st Semester Complete Corse All Topics Notes In English

UNIT-1 : Besic Computer

  • Brief history of development of computers, 
  • Computer system concepts, 
  • Computer system characteristics, 
  • Basic components of a computer system - Control unit, ALU, 
  • Input/Output, 
  • semiconductor Memory functions and characteristics, 
  • memory - RAM, ROM, EPROM, PROM and other types of memory, 
  • Capabilities and limitations, 
  • Generations of computers, 
  • Analog & Digital & Hybrid Computers, 
  • General & Special Purpose Supercomputers, 
  • Characteristics and area of Uses. computers, 
  • Types of computers- Micro, Mini, Mainframe and Personal Computer (PCs-evolution of PCs, 
  • configurations of PCs, 
  • Pentium and Newer, 
  • PCs specifications and main characteristics, 
  • Types of PCs- Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Palmtop, PDA etc. 

UNIT 2 : Input Devices

  • Keyboard, 
  • Mouse, 
  • Trackball, 
  • Joystick, 
  • Scanners, 
  • Digitizing tablet, 
  • Digital Camera, 
  • MICR, 
  • OCR, 
  • OMR, 
  • Light pen, 
  • Barcode & Barcode Reader, 
  • Quick Response Code (QR Code), 
  • Voice Recognition, 
  • Touch Screen. 

Output Devices: 

  • Monitors- Characteristics and types of monitor, Size, Digital, Analog, Resolution, Refresh Rate, Interlaced / Non-Interlaced, 
  • Dot Pitch, 
  • Video Standard VGA, SVGA, XGA ete. 
  • Printers and its Types Impact and Non-Impact printer, Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser, Plotter, 3D Printers, Sound Card and Speakers. 

UNIT-3 : Storage Fundamentals Devices

  • Storage Fundamentals - Primary Vs Secondary Data Storage and Retrieval Methods - Sequential, 
  • Direct And Index Sequential, 
  • Various Storage Devices - Magnetic Disks, 
  • Hard Disk Drives, 
  • Floppy, Disks, 
  • Zip Drive, 
  • Optical Disks, 
  • CD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-Rw, 
  • Video Disk, Blue Ray Dise, 
  • flash drives SD/MMC Memory cards, 
  • Solid-State Drive (SSD), 
  • Physical structure of floppy & hard disk, 
  • drive naming conventions in PC. 

UNIT-4 : Software

  • Software and Its Need, 
  • Types of Software- System Software, 
  • Application Software, 
  • System Software- Operating System- definition & function, 
  • Device Drivers & Utili Programs, 
  • Introduction & Features of DOS, 
  • Windows, 
  • Programming Languag Machine, Assembly, High Level, 4GL, their Merits and Demerits, 
  • Uses of Assemblers, Compilers and Interpreter. 
  • Application Software and its Types- Word Processing, 
  • Spreadsheet, 
  • Presentation Graphics, 
  • Data Base Management, 
  • Desktop Publishing, 
  • communication, 
  • Educational, 
  • Graphics & Multimedia, 
  • Business Accounting, 
  • MIS, 
  • Gaming and ERP Software etc. 
  • Computer coding system-ASCII, ISCII and Unicode,
  • Number system of computers- Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal their conversion

UNIT-5 : Communication

  • Use of communication and IT, 
  • Communication Process, 
  • Component of communication- sender, receiver, transmission medium & protocol, 
  • Communication types-Simplex, Half Duplex, Full Duplex, 
  • Communication Channels-Twisted, Coaxial, Fiber Optic, 
  • Modem-Working and characteristics, 
  • Types of network-client/server and peer-to-peer networks, 
  • Types of connections-Dialup, Leased Lines, ISDN, DSL, RF, Broad band uses, advantages & disadvantages, 
  • Types of Network-LAN, WAN, MAN, Internet, VPN etc., 
  • Topologies of LAN-Ring, Bus, Star, Mesh and Tree topologies structure, uses, advantages & disadvantages, 
  • Components of LAN-Media, NIC, NOS, 
  • Network devices- Bridges, HUB, Routers, Repeatér, Gateways uses, advantages & disadvantages. 


  • Fundamentals of Computers, Paperback by Reema Thareja, Oxford University Press. 
  • Computer Fundamentals - 6th Edition by Pradeep K.  Sinha, Priti Sinha, BPB Publications. 
  • Computers Today, A. Ravichandran, Khanna Book Publishing. 
  • Handbook of Computer Fundamentals by Nasib Singh Gill, Khanna Publishers.

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