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Many people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends, but do you know that you can earn money from facebook? There are many ways to earn money on Facebook, such as using the Link Type Advertising program, or creating a fan page and selling posts. 

You can also sell your product by advertising on Facebook. If you are interested in Earning Money From Facebook, read this article.

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1. Make Good Post:

The most successful way to make money from social media is good content, and that too a lot.  On Facebook, this means that everyday you have to add interesting links, images and updates.

Find one category and add the best content related to it. It is not necessary to have a category that no one is writing, but it should still be so specific that any viewer can understand it.  

For example, you are posting content for Cat Lovers, Mothers or people related to one political group. If you are about to market the product through your account, do not forget to add that product to your post.

Think of opening another Facebook account and keep it separate from your personal account. Use this account for your post, and link these posts to your personal Facebook to give people information about it. Depending on the methods you use, you may have to open several extra accounts.

Note: Facebook does not allow multiple accounts to be opened from the same email or phone number. You will also be sent a code via text on the phone to verify your new Facebook account.

Give it some time: Over time, let your account increase the interest of others and for this, add fresh and appropriate content in it everyday.

2. Devide How To Earn Money:

Continuous hard work is necessary to earn regular money through Facebook. Like any other job, it is very important to set a schedule and stick to it.

Organize: Whatever strategy you want to follow, to make it successful, you have to keep many things in mind every day. Make an order plan and decide in advance how often you will do them.

Take full advantage of the market: Earning money from Facebook is a math of numbers and nothing else. 

Because marketing on Facebook doesn't cost anything other than time, you can market it as much as you want - even to the point when you are very expensive in some other way - and after that, every penny you put on the content and statistics But let your magic spread. 

Add friends as often as possible to increase the number of people viewing your page. Some friends will not request requests, but some will also accept.

Making money with Affiliate Advertising and other link type advertising:

1. Look for an affiliate program or link type advertising program:

Affiliate programs give you a unique ID and marketing material, and they also pay you a commission based on the business you bring. So find a good affiliate marketing website and start making money.

All the websites whose names you have heard, give such a program. Because it costs no money to let the site do this for you, anyone can become an affiliate of any website.

Start with the first known brands. Amazon runs a competitive affiliate program in which if you have not advertised anything and someone from your post makes a purchase from their site, you will get a percentage of that. Apple iTunes also runs affiliate programs.

1. Join the first small program

Although you will not be able to earn a lot of money every day, you can gradually increase your affiliate income by joining more programs and offering advertising services to many businesses.

 2. Sign up

Once you have decided to market one of your companies as an affiliate, then find the company's site and fill the prescribed form on it. It is often free, and it only takes a while.

Never pay to become an affiliate.

3. Add accounts

Create a separate Facebook account for all the affiliate programs or programs you sign up for. This allows people to easily follow your pages according to the things they like, rather than having to sign on to one page containing many ads.

As mentioned earlier, with the help of your primary account, you can periodically repost from the rest of the account, so that your audience also comes in contact with these pages.

4. Promote your program

Create posts for them every day, and pay considerable attention to your account. Luckily, with the help of a central account with many followers, your affiliate account will also get followers. 

Whenever someone clicks on your post and buys something from your affiliates, you earn money.

Making money from an e-book:

 1. Write an e-book : E-books are just book format publications that are distributed electronically rather than print on paper. Because it does not cost anything to publish an e-book, anyone who has an idea can do it.

Go ahead with ease: Unlike a paper and ink book, your e-book does not have a set page number. In fact, most e-books which are written with the intention of making money are like e-pamphlets rather than full books.

Choose A Subject That Interests People: People often like non-fiction more than fiction.  Surprisingly, the e-books that teach people how to earn money through e-books are very popular, and they are sold so much that they get the trouble of writing.

Write about an area that you have some knowledge about: this will get your book recognized. You do not need to show your credibility, but still you should write on a subject in which your understanding is more than a common man.

2. Choose Publishing Options: There are some free ways to publish your e-book.

The easiest way is by saving the book as a PDF file, locking it with a password and telling the password only to those who have purchased the book. Once the password is found out, whoever has the password can open the book.

Createspace is an service that allows you to publish e-books on the website for free. This provides more security than the PDF method, but it cannot be distributed anywhere else except on the Amazon website. 

Create space has many more paid services and options. To increase your profits on Facebook, abstain from these.

Reader works is a program that publishes e-books in Microsoft Reader, the most common e-book format on the web. 

The most common version of the program offers no protection, but it is free and easy to remember. There is also a paid version of Reader Works that provides digital rights management. 

Go to paid version only if you are going to make a lot of books from it.

3. Insert your e-book online

Create space will automatically post your book. If you have published it on your computer, you can sell it in many ways:

Amazon gives you the convenience of uploading and selling your e-book like a Kindle book for free.  (Kindle is the brand name of Amazon's popular eReader product line). This option is called Direct Publishing, or KDP.

On the other hand, KDP is fast and flexible.  You can publish your book in about 5 minutes, and set the sale royalty up to 70% for yourself (the remaining amazon will take a 30% share).

On the other hand, KDP does not publish your book outside the Kindle marketplace. Readers who do not use Kindle will not be able to browse and buy your book.

eBay allows you to list your items at a set price. By putting a "copy" of your e-book to sell on eBay, you can make this auction site a book selling hub.

eBay has the advantage of its ease: everyone who can access that site can buy a copy of this book - no special gadget or software is required for this.

Its disadvantage is its price: eBay fixes fees for everything;  If you put a fixed price for your goods, it can be very bad.  Some of these fees are in percentage, others are flat, and if you do not pay attention, they can eat part of your profits.

 4. Sell your e-book on Facebook

If you are smart and have written a book that is for the audience that you have built from your primary account, then you will get a ready audience for your sales pitch.

Advertise it several times a day, many times from the front and sometimes at the end of the post.  Be creative and try to engage your readers.  Encourage them to read your book.

If you have more accounts (such as affiliate accounts), advertise your book there as well.

Always give the reader such a link, by clicking on it, he can reach the page from where he can buy the book.

Make money through Your Facebook Page:

1. Create a fan page if you haven't yet : So you don't have a fan page yet? So you have to make one now because we are talking about making money from Facebook fan page here. Create a fan page on something you are interested in, such as fishing, funny pages or traveling.

2. Write Good Content: Write good content on your fan page and engage as many users as you can. Once your page starts getting good response and likes, you can move on to the next step.

3. Create a website linked to your fan page: If you can, CREATE A WEBSITE LINKED to your fan page topic.

You can also create a free website for affiliate marketing.

Put content on your website and post it on Facebook to bring visitors to the site.

Add money to earn money and keep in mind that the website should not be copied.

To get more visitors, you must regularly put important content on your website.

4. Sell The Fan Page Post: So you have an increased Facebook fan page, but you do not know how to make money from it. By the way, selling posts on the fan page is the best way to earn money.

Sign up at and see that your page has at least 1000 likes.

Add your fan page to Shop something and confirm that you are the owner of the page.

Set the price of each post on your page. Now it is very important, note that you set the price right because if the price is too high, no one will buy from the existing post on your page.

Advices For Earn Money Online From Facebook

There is a great demand for social media marketing. If he has an expert on social media, he can easily earn money from it.

Keep a maintenance log. Attention!  Many affiliate programs or other link type money making programs have some minimum login and email verification request requirements to remove a dormant account. If you do not manage your account, you will lose your drawback.

E-books are not the only thing you can give to your fan, it is just one of the best things. Be a little creative and think of what you can do by applying less money that can be advertised to your readers.

There is no alternative to hard work; if you take the time to try to increase readership, then everything else will happen automatically; On the other hand, if you just make some affiliate pages and wait for the money to come, then you will never be successful.

Your aim should be to serve only your followers / readers. By the time you have the audience, you will keep approaching the advertiser. 

Don't just focus on making money, think of increasing your audience, and the money will keep coming in automatically.

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