What is Personal computer ? business functions of personal computers, Main parts of personal computer,

What is Personal computer ? business functions of personal computers, Main parts of personal computer,

Personal computers are computer systems that are used exclusively by individual or small groups.  

Microprocessors are mainly helpful in making these computers; That is why it is also called a microcomputer. 

Personal computers are made keeping in mind the special field and work. For example - home computers and office computers.  

In the market, small-scale companies prefer personal computers for the functioning of their offices.

Personal computer

The main tasks done by personal computer include playing games, using internet, word processing (word processing) etc. 

The first personal computer was sold in 1974. But the first and successful microcomputer PC was developed in 1977. 

The credit for developing it goes to young technician Steve Bogenike.

Some of the business functions of personal computers are as follows:

1. Computer Design and Construction (CAD / CAM)
2. Inventory and Production Control
3. Spreadsheet Functions
4. Accounting
5. Software Creation
6. Website Designing and Construction
7. Statistics calculation;  e.t.c

Main parts of personal computer

The microprocessor would have been the chip on which the control unit and the A. L. U. There is a circuit. 

Microprocessor chips and other devices are mounted in a single unit, called a system unit. 

The PC may also have a system unit, a monitor or screen, a keyboard on a mouse and other necessary devices, such as printers, modems, speakers, scanners, plotter, graphic tablets, etc.

The basic principle of personal computer
PC is a system in which data and instructions are accepted through the input device. 

This input data and instructions are forwarded to the system unit, where according to the instructions, the CPU.  

Performs the action or processing of the data and sends the introduction to the output unit monitor or screen. This obtained result is called output. 

In PC, the input unit often uses the keyboard and mouse, while the monitor and printer are used as the output unit.

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